What’s It Like to Work with Nancy Ratey?

I was overwhelmed, feeling scared and defeated, and not knowing how to cope or what to expect. Nancy is incredibly spirited and helped me get through some difficult moments by helping me recognize the coping mechanisms I already had.

Grants Administration

I thought I was all alone in this world until I found Nancy.  Her advocacy and intimate understanding of my stumbling blocks has been landmark to my changes. The following quote summarizes my experience with her. “Give a man a fish and he eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” Her coaching and teachings were indispensable to me during a career transition and beyond.

IT specialist and Entrepreneur

She finds humor in her own disabilities and talks about them openly so that I could  come to understand and ACCEPT my own disability. … Nancy is unique.  She  brings genuine warmth, humor, smarts  and fun.  She will change your life in a way no one else can.

LCSW,  Mental Health Clinician

There couldn’t be a more dedicated, informed and human coach that deals with ADHD. She is someone that you can trust to keep things confidential and truly engaged...It’s hard to get information from reading sometimes and she was able to point out things that were happening in my life that were because of ADHD. A good example is that I was being taken advantage of because I believed things that other people said. And that this was an ADHD trait.
She just rocks.


Nancy accepted me when I didn’t accomplish something as planned but helped me problem solve so I could do it the next time I tried.

Hospital Nurse

Nancy can be a fierce advocate, as she has been for me since I started coaching in 1997.  Nancy shared her knowledge and passion about helping people with ADHD through coaching and it was her chapter in Driven to Distraction that started me on my path to where I am today, 21 years later.  … If Nancy had not reached out to show me that I had something big to share, I would never have written Empowering Youth with ADHD or expanded into coach training.

Jodi Sleeper-Tripplet
ADHD Coach