Strategic Life Coaching

Strategic Life Coaching (SLC) is a coaching process designed to help highly-motivated, energetic, and goal-oriented professionals maximize their potential and overall effectiveness. This dynamic coaching style combines traditional ADHD coaching methodology with strategic principles and practices. The process is tailored to the client’s specific needs and objectives to yield a customized plan for effective living.

The format for SLC consists of one 1-hour session, or two 1/2 hour sessions, per week.

The client sets the agenda for the weekly sessions by identifying new goals for the week. Together, client and coach brainstorm strength-based strategies to meet desired goals, explore barriers that might impede progress, and set specific measures. Coach and client also agree on accountability for specific action items.

How to get started:

Consider whether you are ready to accept and acknowledge your AD/HD challenges. Are you willing to commit the time, energy, and resources necessary for coaching to take place?

Talks, Keynotes & Lectures

If you are interested in inviting Nancy to speak at your event, please get in touch to discuss availability and details.

For details of Ms Ratey’s past public appearances, please visit the press Media Appearances & Interviews.

Consultation Services

Consultations are one-time sessions booked in a one-hour block. This offering is ideal for individuals who want self-coaching strategies or merely desire a one-time, mini-coaching session.